9 Fall Coffee Flavors (That Aren’t Pumpkin Spice)

From caramel apple to melted marshmallow, there’s an autumnal brew for you.

While many people are excited but he onset of Pumpkin Spice Latte season, suffice to say there are those who just aren’t into having everything taste like a gourd-filled pie. So while the PSL may get all the attention this time of year, there are plenty of fall flavors we could add to the mix that (for whatever reason) aren’t given their own warm reception as temperatures cool down.Here are nine no-pumpkin-allowed flavored coffees that might put you in the mood for fall.

Caramel Apple Coffee  

Apple picking season butting up with Halloween (or, candy season as we’d like to call it) means dipping apples in caramel is the ideal sweet, early fall combination. Cost Plus World Market has turned that into, of all things, coffee.

World Market Seasonal Limited Edition Caramel Apple Ground Coffee

Apple Cider Donut Coffee

A staple of hayrides and pumpkin patch visits, apple cider doughnut flavors can also make their way into your morning cup.

Archer Farms Apple Cider Donut Ground Coffee

Marshmallow Coffee

With camping season still in full swing, this Melted Marshmallow coffee from The Coffee Fool will remind you of s’mores and bonfires on a crisp autumn night.

The Coffee Fool Fool’s Melted Marshmallow Drip Grind Coffee

Maple Coffee

The sticky-sweet syrup is a much beloved, yet oft-overlooked staple of treats this time of year, so Brooklyn Bean Roastery has you covered with Maple Sleigh flavor.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Maple Sleigh Ground Coffee

Bonus: Coffee-flavored Maple Syrup

If you can’t get enough maple in your coffee and coffee in your maple, Bushwick Kitchen Trees Knees makes this Stumptown-infused syrup, which could also make it’s way into some delicious cocktails.

Bushwick Kitchen Trees Knees Coffee Maple

Bourbon Pecan Torte Coffee

No liquor accompanies the flavors of fall quite like the woody, caramel-y flavor of bourbon, which teams up with pecan in Puroast’s low-acid blend.

Puroast Low Acid Coffee Bourbon Pecan Torte

Cinnamon Coffee Roll Coffee

Dunkin’ Donuts is famous for their varied selection of seasonal and yearound flavors, but their cinnamon coffee roll might just be the most fall appropriate to go with your old fashioned.

Dunkin’ Donuts Bakery Series Ground Coffee Cinnamon Roll

Peanut Butter Cup Coffee

Considering that Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are the king of all trick-or-treat sweets, this flavor from Victor Allen fits right in with the rest (and comes in cup-form, to boot).

Victor Allen Coffee Peanut Butter Cup Single Serve K-cup 12 Count

Cinnamon Dulce Coffee

Sure, there’s probably cinnamon in pumpkin spice (shh, don’t tell), but if you just want to experience the spiciness of this single flavor, Starbucks’ blonde roast interpretation is a sweet, lighter-bodied option.

Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Flavored Blonde Light Roast Ground Coffee

Cardamom Turkish-Style Coffee

A go-to spice for amping up the flavor of pumpkin pie, whipped cream, and other aromatic treats, the classic Turkish coffee flavor like this one from Cafe Najjar should be getting more love than it does.

Cafe Najjar Classic with Cardamom Turkish-style Ground Coffee

Source: 9 Fall Coffee Flavors (That Aren’t Pumpkin Spice) | Food & Wine


Customers Running a Coffee Shop to Give Staff a Beach Day

Customers Are Running This Coffee Shop Today So Employees Can Take a Beach Day

August 16, 2017

Manhattan’s Buunni Coffee, a café known for Ethiopian coffees micro-roasted to order, has served the uptown neighborhood of Hudson Heights for five entire years now. As a big thank-you to staff — their actual anniversary is today! — owners Sarina Prabasi and Elias Gurmu decided to treat them to a beach day. Only problem: That meant closing the shop for the day. Luckily, the milestone was one the café’s regulars were ready to celebrate, too, which they did by selflessly offering to babysit Buunni while the team got a nice tan — a plan it’s safe to say probably wouldn’t fly at most businesses.

Prabasi tells DNAinfo that one of their regular customers, Melody Morrow, just tossed the idea out after listening to Prabasi brainstorm solutions out loud. “The Buunni regulars could take over the shop while you guys are away,” Morrow offered.To gauge interest, Prabasi posted a Google doc last week asking people to volunteer for hourly shifts — they’d need several people per hour, for eight hours. She eventually had to yank the form, she says, “because so many people signed up.

” They’re presumably out roasting on the beach right now, instead of doing their usual roasting of coffee beans, and Prabasi says they hope to make this day off “an annual thing.

” Volunteers who work a shift today are promised a gift card when the staff returns.

Source: Customers Agree to Run Coffee Shop to Give Staff a Beach Day

Chocolate Affogato 

TIME:< 30 mins


Affogato’s sugar, caffeine and alcohol content has every vice covered. Use a really good vanilla-bean ice-cream – I prefer gelato – or play with different flavours (hazelnut, almond, coffee, or chocolate) and different liqueurs, from Nocello and Sambuca to aged dark rum.


1 or 2 scoops of chocolate gelato

1 double espresso

1 tbsp Frangelico, Nocello or similar

Grated dark chocolate


Place one or two scoops of gelato in each coffee cup.

Spoon the espresso coffee and liqueur over the top, scatter with grated chocolate and serve immediately.

Experiment to get the right ratio of ice-cream to cup size, and to strike the right balance between hot and cold, bitter and sweet. The gelato’s sweet richness should be balanced by the strength of the coffee and the kick of the booze.


Source: Chocolate affogato Recipe | Good Food


Bicerin, a creation of the Conte Cavour, is an aristocratic beverage from the old Italian city of Torino. The addition of cocoa powder and cinnamon lends the beverage a noble taste. These ingredients, which were prohibitively expensive at the time, restricted the beverage’s enjoyment to the affluent.


Add the cocoa to the cup with a very small amount of hot water and stir into a creamy mass.

Add the coffee. Sprinkle the cinnamon on top and then slowly add the whisked milk cream.


30 ml of espresso coffee

1.5 – 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder

1 teaspoon of sugar (or to taste)

1 pinch of cinnamon

Milk cream

Source: Bicerin

Coffee Soda 

What Is Coffee Soda?

Think more coffee, less soda. Third wave coffee shops have been playing around with carbonated coffee for years, from nitro cold brew to coffee tonic, so it should come as little shock that this summer’s trendiest coffee drink is yet another type of carbonated cold coffee known as coffee soda. But what is coffee soda, exactly? The easiest way to describe coffee soda is as carbonated iced coffee, but this drink is often more complex than that. Imagine an iced coffee cocktail except without the booze—not the bottles of jet-black Manhattan Special, the OG coffee soda that’s been manufactured in Brooklyn, NY, since 1895.

And this is part of the confusion about this summer’s trendiest drink. Unlike a latte or an Americano or even nitro cold brew, there is no one standard recipe, so every coffee shop makes their coffee soda a little bit differently. At most places, the coffee itself won’t actually be carbonated. Instead, coffee soda is a shot of espresso or a serving of cold brew that’s finished with seltzer water. There’s often some citrus added, be it a twist of orange peel or a splash of fruit juice, along with some sugar or syrup.

A few companies are trying to recreate the cafe coffee soda experience in a can, including Keepers Coffee Soda. Like Manhattan Special, Keepers is also made in Brooklyn, but that’s about where the similarities end. According to Grub Street, Keepers is a cold brew-based soda, “with some sugar, lemon juice, lime juice, tangerine juice, and tangerine oil.” There’s also Upruit Coffee Soda, which is also cold brew-based, and comes in either lemonade or tart cherry flavors.

One company that straddles both of these worlds—the coffee shop and the can—is Matchless Coffee Soda. The company’s founder Nathanael Mehrens is often credited with starting the modern coffee soda trend in Nashville, Tennessee, while he was working at Crema. Back in 2012, Mehrens was running the coffee shop’s beverage program and wanted to find a way to “push the refreshing qualities of iced coffee, and my first thought was carbonation,” he says. After toying around with different types of coffee and techniques for carbonation, he developed the recipe for coffee soda that’s now known as Matchless, which is still served at coffee shops and restaurants across Nashville from giant kegs.

Unlike most other coffee sodas, Matchless starts with flash-chilled coffee, which is hot coffee that is rapidly chilled rather than cold brewed coffee or espresso. (The coffee is now made and chilled at a local brewery called Fat Bottom Brewing on beer-brewing equipment that’s been retro-fitted with custom parts to accommodate coffee.) Matchless is also different because this iced coffee is carbonated rather than diluted with soda water, and sweetened with demerara sugar.

Source: What Is Coffee Soda? | Extra Crispy

Places to Head to For a Great Cup of Tea or Coffee in Delhi and Around

DelhiStarbucks, Cafe Coffee Day, Barista can serve tea and coffee. But if you are a true connoisseur, chances are you can’t see eye to eye to these establishments. Are you surrounded by people who keep asking you to meet them at Starbucks? Here are some stellar options who are serving your favorite cuppa with a story. Maybe you should convince your friends to visit these instead?

1. Ssongchee – GK 2

This Korean Bingsu cafe, has a fine selection of Dutch coffees.  If you are a truly adventurous soul, you will probably run to this place. The coffee is brewed by a friendly Korean guy, who also happens to be the owner!

Source : Zomato

2. Ivy & Bean – Shahpur JatIf you  love books and coffee, this is the place to be! The charming interiors will make you return again and again. A perfect shot of espresso followed by their butter cookies will make you fall in love with the place.

Source : Crave Bits

3. T’pot Cafe – Malviya Nagar

A Chartered Accountant, Robin, set out to bring back the tea which was the soul of all gupshup. From the kadak adrak wali chai to masala chai to several types oolong tea, there is hardly any kind of tea that you won’t find here.

Source : Delhi Fundos

4. Too Mikki Tapas – ChanakyapuriChocolate Truffle Bubble Tea anyone? If you fancy herbal tea made with a twist, you should head here. They serve brews which are a blend of Russian and French tea leaves.

Source : Zomato

5. United Coffee House – Connaught Place

Established in 1942, this place is the oldest on this list. Its old world charm will beckon at you and the coffee blends are a delight for your senses. Try the Cona Coffee with Cream or the South Indian Filter Coffee.

Source : Spot Finder

6. The Tea Place by Manjushree – Saket

Beautiful interiors which will remind you of Parisian tea rooms, exotic tea presented tastefully and a calm environment. This place has everything you need to enjoy a cup of your favorite potion by yourself.

Source : Zomato

7. Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge – Pitampura

The tea company has been running what they like to call ‘5 Star Tea Lounges’ in Delhi and Mumbai. They serve more than 50 types of tea. Definitely worth a try!

Source : Zomato

8. Just for Chai – Gurgaon

A rustic cafe in the cyber city where you can enjoy your tea? Just for Chai is the answer. Kashmiri Kahwa, UP’s Gudwali chai, Chai Nawabi, the options are endless. You could also enjoy some vada pao along with the tea.

Source : Zomato

9. Sancha Tea Boutique – Chanakyapuri

Conveniently located in the Santushti Shopping Arcade, this boutique shop is the place to experience the art of tea. If you are a connoisseur, you will find yourself endorsing this place to all. If you are not, you will fall for it instantly!

Source : TimesCity

10. Fursat Se – Shahpur Jat

When you want to enjoy a cup of tea while working on a short story, or when you want to finish an engrossing novel, you can head here. The cafe offers good company for artists and you can choose to pay as you like.

Source : Zomato

11. Jugmug Thela

This is a brilliant concept if you ask me. You can choose to buy their blends online or track the thela around Delhi to enjoy an awesome cup of tea and coffee. Try Chat-pa-Tea or the 12 Spice Masala Chai. Bet you won’t regret it!

Source : Blogspot

12. Firdaus Mithai Shop – Chandni Chowk

On your visit to Mirza Ghalib’s Haveli in Purani Dilli, don’t forget to enjoy a cup of tea at Firdaus Mithai Shop. On offer is the sweet, milky concoction that most of the Indians still identify as tea. Chat with your server while sipping tea.

Source : Mohit Gupta

13. Chaayos – Multiple outlets across DelhiYou can order more than 12,000 types of concoctions here. Do I have your attention? Go visit them! You won’t regret it. My favorite? God’s Chai and a slice of carrot cake.

Source : Inc42

14. Asia Tea House – Sunder Nagar

Previously known as Regalia Tea House, this place in Sunder Nagar is quite popular with the neighbors for its choicest snacks and tea. They organise personal tasting sessions for you to experience the art of drinking tea.

Source : India Today

15. Bizi Bean Coffee – GK1 & Gurgaon

They have skilled baristas who will pull the best shot for you. A word of caution though – one visit and you risk becoming  a regular. So visit if you love coffee!

Source : Zomato

16. Elma’s Tea Room – Hauz Khas Village

The collection of delectable sweets and savories here make me want to keep going back. An array of options in the tea and coffee section make those treats even more worthwhile.

Source : Zomato

17. Rose Cafe – Saket

This is a beautiful place to get your cup of caffeine. There is a decent variety of herbal teas to choose from and French Press Coffees.

Source : The Dream Catcher

18. Chill & Chai – Khirki Extension

This quaint cafe is situated in the Khoj International Arts Association. There is a lot to choose from in terms of food and beverages. Next time, visit this place instead of heading to Select Citywalk.

Source: 25 Places To Head To For A Great Cup Of Tea Or Coffee In Delhi NCR

New Coffee Products in The Market

Coffee is how most of us started our day. But coffee isn’t just about energy. It’s about inspiration — as proven by nine new java products that’ll redefine how you enjoy your morning joe.

Herein: a coffee so strong its tagline is #fueledbydeath, the world’s most expensive (and interesting) coffee beans, and a device that turns hot java into iced coffee in 90 seconds

Can’t beat that with a swizzle stick.



A suspicious-looking pipe (and a quad jet torch) that delivers a shot of coffee in three minutes. For the “coffee is my crack” crowd.

Blue Bottle Cold Brew Bottle

Simplify your cold brew with this elegant bottle/filter from our favorite coffee chain— just add ground coffee to filtered water, put in fridge overnight, wake up to a refined jolt.


Turn regular hot coffee to iced goodness in ninety seconds with this three-chambered, stainless steel mug. Lacks the smoothness that a proper cold brewing will do, but hey, sometimes you only have a minute or so. Also works for non-java treats (yes, think alcohol).

Fire Department Coffee

We’ve been drinking this exceptionally bold blend for months — makes for a powerful cold brew, and we like that a portion of the sales go to military and firefighter charities (and their take on the dreaded K-cups are actually good!). Plus, they now have special blends infused with bourbon, rum and tequila.

Coffee Gator

This handsome stainless steel canister allows CO2 to leave and blocks air and light from getting in, protecting your artisanal beans. Now also 25% off.

Keepers Citrus Coffee Soda

Skeptical until we tasted it, this, yes, citrus-y coffee drink delivered an energetic buzz that lasted for a few hours hours (sans the usual summer coffee sweats) while being light and refreshing. Available now for pre-order (as is the like-minded Matchless Coffee Soda).

Death Wish Nitro Brew

Ridiculously strong coffee, possibly irresponsibly so — it’s 200% more caffeinated than a normal cup, and the company’s promoting it with the hashtag #fueledbydeath. Now canned and nitro’d for a smoother flavor, and also $5 off.

Port of Mokha

You can trace the history of coffee back to Yemen. The just-released Trilogy Box Set features three 4 oz. bags of beans cultivated in the area in some of the most elevated (and politically turbulent) growing conditions in the world. Originally a flashpoint because of its high price — cups sold at Blue Bottle were $16 — what you’re really getting here is great coffee with an amazing backstory.

Sip on that.

Firelit Coffee Liqueur

A single-origin, hand-roasted coffee that’s cold brewed, then blended and aged with a brandy-coffee infusion. Great for buzzy White Russians.

Source: 9 New Coffee Products | InsideHook

What’s trending? Coffee innovation 

Today we take a look at some of the most innovative trends in coffee technology – from the WiFi-enabled coffee machine that can make your coffee before you wake up, to the printer that prints a selfie onto your morning brew!Print a selfie on your coffee

Malaysian company Selfiii International has created a printer which prints “selfies” onto coffee, creating an original form of latte art. “Images can be printed on any surface of latte, cappuccino, milkshake, cupcake, cookies, chocolate and even ice cream!” The printer uses a combination of six different edible inks and takes around 27 seconds to print a photo.

Cups made of out coffee

German designer Julian Lechner has turned used coffee grounds into reusable cups. Lechner collects leftover coffee grounds from his local cafés in Berlin and combines them with natural glues and particles of wood from sustainable sources to produce a liquid that can be injection moulded to create usable objects. Once set into the required shape the material is hard and waterproof enough to withstand cleaning in a dishwasher!

Coffee that helps you fall asleep

A start up in Canada has created Counting Sheep Coffee. Their coffee is decaffeinated and blended with organic valerian root (a herbal sedative) creating a blend which, the company claimed, helps the consumer relax and unwind. Currently the product is only available in the US and Canada.

Coffee on tap

Danish manufacturer Scanomat has created an app-enabled hot tap that creates a variety of coffee drinks from freshly ground beans at the touch of a button. With its built-in brewer, the tap allows users to customise drink settings, from the amount of coffee to the type of milk. The tap is controlled by a smartphone app, can brew a cup in 15 seconds and includes the smallest milk foamer in the world in its tip.

WiFi coffee machine

The maker of the world’s first WiFi kettle has recently launched its latest creation – the all new Smarter Coffee Maker. App-enabled, this grind-and-brew coffee machine makes the user a hot drink specifically tailored to their individual taste – from coffee strength, perfect water temperature and cup selection. The machine can be set to make a coffee before the user wakes up or at the same time every day. An alarm is then sent to the user’s phone to wake them up or alert them that their drink is ready.

Source: What’s trending? Coffee innovation for #InternationalCoffeeDay – FoodBev Media

What you can learn from ancient coffee rituals around the world

What you can learn from ancient coffee rituals around the world

For many caffeine lovers, coffee drinking is less of a habit and more of a sacred ritual. In fact, the history of coffee rituals around the world is an intimate view into the lives of coffee drinkers who came before us.

If you trace coffee back to its place of origin — Ethiopia — you’ll discover that the drink was prepared as part of a ceremony, which included herbs and spices that passed energy and health to its drinker.

People have always wondered about the health benefits of coffee, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that someone thought to use health benefits as a way to market the drink. Grocery entrepreneur John Arbuckle married the scientific evidence of coffee’s health benefits with advertising, which propelled Arbuckle to become the dominant coffee company in the United States in the late 19th century.

Today, studies provide conflicting evidence about coffee’s health effects — but its cultural effect is undeniable. A look at three ancient rituals reveals that past societies, too, saw drinking coffee as a beneficial pastime for various reasons.

EthiopiaIn the birthplace of coffee, the Ethiopian coffee ceremony — which can occur multiple times a day — is the main social event of a village. Coffee and water are the primary ingredients, but depending on the location, people may add in spices.

Traditionally, women roast the green coffee beans in a pan over an open flame, right before eager guests’ eyes. Next, the beans are ground in a wooden mortar with a pestle. These grounds are then crushed with a heavy metal rod called zenezena in a metal bowl, called a mukecha, before brewing. The grinds are boiled with hot water in a decorated container, often a clay pot, known as a jebena. Cardamom, cinnamon and cloves are often added to the coffee as it begins to crack upon roasting.

Cinnamon and cloves

Source: Chérmelle D. Edwards

Cinnamon spice, commonly used in traditional medicine, is a high source of antioxidants. It also protects heart health and brain function.

Clove, the aromatic flower bud and spice, aids in maintaining a strong immune system, smooth digestion and a healthy liver. Upon the addition of cinnamon and clove, the coffee is accompanied by roasted barley, amasha bread, peanuts or popcorn.

To serve up the sentiment of Ethiopia’s ancient coffee rituals at home, host a group of friends and serve tons of coffee — the brew should flow as smoothly as the great conversation.


India is the sixth largest coffee producer in the world. Legend has it that 400 years ago, a saint named Baba Budan brought magical beans from Yemen, planting them in the Chadragiri hills of Karnataka. Coffee and spice have been intimate partners for a while, given that many coffee plantations in India grow spices as well.

And while turmeric milk, or “haldi doodh,” is a drink that’s coffee-free, it’s deeply steeped in varying rituals across India. The “golden milk” is often prepared fresh: whisked coconut milk, turmeric, ginger, honey, coconut oil, peppercorns and a cup of water are brought to a warm temperature and then allowed to sit for 10 minutes. Often dubbed a cure-all spice, turmeric is believed to be good for the common cold as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant in ayurvedic medicine. Traditionally turmeric lattes are consumed at night to help with insomnia and inflammation.

Turmeric up close

Source: Chérmelle D. Edwards

Searches for turmeric increased by more than 300% in 2015; the vibrant drinks are a health trend that’s swiftly caught on in the West, making its way into specialty coffee cafes and wellness storefronts.

To honor the tradition, try your hand at a traditional recipe made in your own kitchen.

Arabian PeninsulaIn Saudi Arabia, coffee started out as a drink for mystics. Sufi mystics across the Arabian peninsula felt coffee enhanced their concentration and the depth of their spiritual connection with God. Yemenis gave coffee an Arabic name: qahwa.

Water, coffee and cardamom were the key ingredients in a beverage that fueled the intellectual thought of the gathered mystics. Cardamon is believed to aid in digestion and waste elimination. To make qahwa, coffee is added to water and left to boil for approximately 10 minutes. Then crushed cardamom and pinches of saffron are added to the beverage for flavoring and left to steep.


Source: Chérmelle D. Edwards

Today, one of the most popular and important coffee species cultivated, arabica, gets its name from this area. Arabica grew in the highlands before its eventual spread into Egypt and before becoming a dominant beverage in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries.Broaden your spice rack and purchase a container of cardamom to add a little history to your cup of joe.

Source: What you can learn from ancient coffee rituals around the world